Jual Thermometer Gauge Suchy di Jakarta

Jual Thermometer Gauge Suchy , Starting already in 1988, the company – then under the name SUCHY – offers a comprehensive service regarding all aspects of measurement technology. Customers as well as employees are in the focus of our company´s philosophy. We are convinced, that during these times of global change and increased competition only those enterprises will survive, which permanently service people

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– Short response time
– Wide selection of standard versions
– High grade version

– Mechanical engineering and apparatus manufacture
– Container and pipe construction
– Building service and a wide range of applications in industry


Jual Thermometer Gauge Suchy

Model and ND TB-20 63 TB-20 80 TB-20 100 TB-20 160
Connection bottom
Ranges -30…+50°C, -20…+60°C, -10…+50°C
0…60°C, 0…80°C, 0…100°C, 0…120°C, 0…160°C, 0…200°C, 0…250°C, 0…300°C
0…400°C, 0…500°C, andere auf Anfrage
Application full scale value
Case CrNi steel
Bezel CrNi steel
Window Glass lens
Dial Aluminium white, scale black
Pointer Aluminium, black
Measuring element Bimetal coil
Display correction Adjusting pointer or at end of shaft
Shaft CrNi steel, dia. 8 mm
Connection – Standard: plain, with flange for thermowell
– Special execution: Lock as per data sheet T 190
Stem length 45, 63, 100, 150, 200, 250 mm, other length on request
Protection IP 43 acc. to EN 60529 / IEC 529
Gewicht 0,2 kg 0,3 kg 0,4 kg 0,8 kg